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An idea can be like an elephant. It can be big and bold and it can even shake the ground when it moves. The term “elephant in the room” is commonly used to describe something so obvious that no one can miss it, yet no one wants to admit that it exists.


In 1903 the Edison Film Company created a 74 second film depicting the electrocution of Topsy the elephant in order to slander the Westinghouse roll-out of Alternating Current, powering the electrical grids of the United States and competing with Edison’s Direct Current system.


Electric Elephant Agency was founded in the memory of Nikola Tesla, Topsy the Elephant and The War of the Currents where History saw Thomas Edison monstrously deny a natural truth, in pursuit of control and profit.


The mission of Electric Elephant is to remind creative and like minds that energy is free. It can be pulled from all around you, so motivation is easy to find.


We are an advertising and creative services contractor. We create informative and entertaining videos, animations, photographs and apparel for private clients.


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We currently operate as a DBA under the business licenses of MVP Athletics.